Modern Yogi

Our yoga studio is exactly what downtown needs! It offers a large space to stretch it out, sweat it out and go to your happy place.

Leave stress at the door when you step into our guided classes. We offer several classes throughout the week and many styles of yoga – whether you are a new to yogi or are more advanced.  We also offer meditative classes to help decrease stress and encourage relaxation.

Why is it important to find a way to cope with everyday stresses? Because stress it the #1 cause of disease! Begin preventing and reversing disease each time you step on your mat. Another reason why yoga is awesome and is offered at Modern Health Chiropractic & Wellness is because it is so important to get moving! Sitting is the new smoking, and we are all guilty of sitting too much throughout the day. Undo the daily damage done to your body by stretching, moving and zen-ing out with us!




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